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American Commando Fight


Commando! You are selected to perform a series of most dangerous and challenging missions as you are most skilled solider. You have to fight with your enemy beyond the enemy line. You have to fight with out any backup or covering team and without any supply line. You are equipped with machine gun and 10 extra magazines of ammunition. You have to fight gorilla war to break the power of enemy. You have to enter in the enemy camp and kill every single enemy soldier. Dont wast your ammo. One shot one kill. Try to shoot enemy on head because man immediately die after getting hit at head. So be ready for fight. You have to fight a long war in all types of seasons and environment like mountains, plains and deserts.
Features:- Awesome 3d environments including snowy mountains and deserts- Excellent sound effects- Nice animations- Stunning graphics- Great game controls- Long levels- Different seasons- Totally free